Our vision & mission: winding the future together!

The Fibraworks-team consists of technology-savvy and innovation-minded experts from the fields of composites, mechanical and aerospace engineering as well as industrial engineering. Based on trust, commitment, and responsibility, we combine our competencies to further develop our idea of Fibraforce Technology and pushing our vision of “winding the future”. We grow with new challenges, both in terms of knowledge and interpersonal skills, filling in missing elements with new positions or the constant willingness of everyone on our team to learn and develop. 

You never win by yourself alone. The day you think otherwise is the day you'll start to lose.

Managing DirectorLars Linnemann, Dipl.-Ing.

  • fifteen years of deep experience in composite materials and processes
  • expert knowledge in special machinery design and filament winding technology
  • well-connected in the fields of composites, plastic technology, and mechanical engineering
  • enthusiastic boat builder and sailor of a sporty carbon sailboat Rhepro21
  • lightweight enthusiast with a penchant for motorsports and aviation
since 10/2020 Managing Director at Fibraworks GmbH
07/2015 – 09/2020 R&D Engineer at Hille Engineering GmbH & Co. KG
07/2009 – 06/2015 Research assistant at Institute for Plastic Processing (IKV)
2009 Graduate Aerospace Engineer, FH Aachen

Research and DevelopmentLukas Schulz, M. Sc.

  • experienced in special machine design in the fields of composites and textile technology
  • extensive knowledge base in Business Administration and Business Process Management
  • knowledge in innovation and project management as well as product development
  • technology enthusiast with interests in automation and programming
  • adrenaline junkie, whether on land, on water or in the air
since 11/2020 R&D Engineer at Fibraworks GmbH
11/2020 Masters Degree in Industrial Engineering
07/2018 – 10/2020 Project Engineer at Hille Engineering GmbH & Co. KG
06/2018 Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Engineering

Process EngineerGerold Keck, B. Eng.

  • responsible and lead in machine and process testing of Fibraforce Technology
  • problem solver with a broad knowledge base in measurement and control technology
  • inquisitive and enthusiastic technician who questions almost everything
  • our man behind the focus - if it’s named Pentax
  • motorbike mover, improver, and lover
since 03/2022 Project Engineer / Student trainee, Fibraworks GmbH
03/2022 Bachelor’s Degree in Aeronautical Engineering, FH Aachen
04/2021 – 02/2022 Student assistant / Thesis, Fibraworks GmbH
11/2016 – 03/2018 Student project Viper Rexus / Space Engineering, FH Aachen

Marketing and Public RelationsManuel Heinrichs, B. Sc.

  • responsible for Marketing, social media and Public Relations
  • expert for QFD analysis as well as transfer of the method to our start-up
  • our master of numbers and tables in cost accounting and QFD
  • the ultimate good mood joker, who is never at a loss for a quip
  • experienced basket hunter, always ready to score
since 01/2022 Marketing and Public Relations / Student trainee, Fibraworks GmbH
02/2022 Bachelor’s Degree Business Administration, FH Aachen
05/2021 – 12/2021 Student assistant / Thesis, Fibraworks GmbH
10/2015 – 07/2017 College Qualification - specialization in Business Administration

Master ThesisKonrad Dziamski, B. Eng.

„Conceptual design of a manufacturing process for Tailored Non-Crimp Fabrics for propellers in eVTOL aircraft based on our patented Fibraforce Technology.“