deep tech startup

with future visions

At Fibraworks, “winding the future” is applied practice. With the innovative winding process of Fibraforce Technology, the smart team around Lars Linnemann and Lukas Schulz is revolutionizing the future of lightweight construction. Fibraworks produces multi-layered, multi-directional semi-finished fiber products for cost-effective and sustainable lightweight construction solutions.


winding process

Flexible, material-independent and cost effective – our patented winding process permits, for the first time, the large-scale production of multi-directional semi-finished fiber products with a thermoplastic matrix, so-called Organo-Coils, produced customer-specific and sustainably based on, e.g., natural-, glass- or carbon fibers. With our continuous and flexible production technology and minimization of downstream process steps we can attain outstanding cost efficiency that will accelerate the use of lightweight construction in all industries.


flexible and sustainable

We produce Organo-Coils on the basis of UD-tapes that are wound into multidirectional layers. Our customers can select the arial weight and resulting fiber orientation within a wide range of options. We are able to generate fiber orientations between 30° and 70° that can be supplemented by 0° and 90° layers. The results are customer-specific bi-axial, tri-axial or quadraxial Organo-Coils. Due to their flexible fiber orientation, our Organo-Coils offer very high lightweight potential and superior cost efficiency. This contributes to a significant reduction of raw material and supply requirements, as well as weight and costs in the down-stream component production. Based on their thermoplastic matrix, the recyclability rate of our Organo-Coils is very high. Even further increases in the sustainability can be obtained through the use of bio-based or regenerating raw materials such as e.g., flax fibers and PLA.


the future

Our team consists of technology-savvy and innovation-driven experts from the fields of composites, special purpose machinery manufacturing, aeronautical engineering, aerospace engineering and business administration. We take pride in developing new technologies and strive collectively to contribute to the generation of a climate-neutral future for our successor generations. Our innovative winding process facilitates the production of energy- and resource-efficient, recyclable products for sustainable and large-scale light-weight construction.

So – let’s wind the future together!